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Where Should You Get Your Oil Changed?

oil change, allen, TX mechanicOil is lubrication, and it’s the lifeblood of your car so it needs a regular oil change. It’s pretty simple, and a lot of folks even do it themselves. So why should you bring your automobile to a place like EBA Automotive instead of a quick lube joint? After all, those places are set up for speed and convenience. And do you really need an ASE Certified Technician just to do an oil change? Here are some important factors to consider.

A Trained Mechanic Looks at Your Car

First of all, the longer intervals between necessary maintenance in today’s automobiles is a good thing, but it also means that a properly trained mechanic has fewer opportunities to look over your car. Sometimes that can mean the difference between spotting potential trouble and preventing it, which may lead to an unexpected breakdown on the road. If that happens only once ever, it will more than make up for the convenience of using a quick lube service.

Lesser Trained Employees Make Mistakes

Second of all, it’s true that an oil change is pretty simple and doesn’t require advanced training. Yet, things can go wrong. We have seen many cases of stripped oil drain plugs that were likely caused by the inattentive work of a so-called mechanic at a “convenience” lube shop. A stripped oil drain plug is repairable, but it’s an unnecessary problem and entirely preventable.

Maintain a Relationship with a Full Service Shop

Third, bringing your car to your regular mechanic is in your best interest, as you develop a good relationship with the person most responsible for keeping your car running. Your regular auto repair shop will keep repair records on your car, and will also keep records of things that don’t need immediate attention but should be carefully monitored.

The Downside

There is a potential disadvantage, and that is the speed and convenience factor. In all likelihood, your regular service shop will not be able to get you in and out as fast as the “quick lube” place. However, at EBA Automotive, we will try and work your oil change in as quickly as possible. If you schedule an appointment, it may not take long at all.


How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

We recommend changing your oil every 3,000 miles if you use conventional motor oil (synthetic oils may allow longer intervals, such as 5,000 or 7,500 miles, depending on the car).

While you’re at it, the oil filter should always be replaced when changing the oil. Trying to save a few dollars is false economy and will harm your engine in the long run.


What Kind of Oil is Best?

Some car buffs will go to war over which brand of oil is the best. However, regardless of whether you’re a fan of Castrol, Valvoline, or any other brand, we believe the brand of oil is not nearly as important as the weight, or viscosity. You’ll see a number like 5W-30 or something similar. Going with the manufacturers recommendation is usually best. As for synthetics, they are definitely worth considering. Although they are much more expensive, the change interval is also longer and therefore it’s not as expensive as you might think. Some cars come equipped with synthetic oil straight from the factory, and in such cases you should definitely stick with synthetic.

Again, the manufacturers recommendation is usually the best, but if you have a particular concern or special circumstances, we can always help you decide on the best choice for your vehicle, whether it’s the oil change interval or the type of oil you should use.

Why Choose EBA

Our technicians are ASE Certified and trained to correctly understand your automobile. We know how to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it to keep you and your family safely on the road.

We don’t charge for work that you don’t need. It’s easy to increase our profits by replacing parts that don’t need fixing, but we’d rather keep you as a long-term customer. You can always trust us to tell you the truth. Sometimes there are items that need replacing down the road but are not absolutely necessary. We’ll show you what need fixing and we’ll always give you the options and tell you how long you can safely wait. You can also request to see the old part afterwards, so you’ll know we replaced something that really need to be replace.

We back our work with an industry leading 24 mth/24,000 mile warranty so you can rest assured that no matter what happens, you’re covered.

Trust the auto repair experts at EBA Automotive and give us a call if your car needs work.

This video, presented by the Car Care Council, talks about the importance of oil in your car


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