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Maintain Your Suspension for Safety

Your suspension serves several important functions in your car or truck. Safety is a critical and often overlooked function. The good suspension will keep your tires in firm contact with the road.

If you have to make an emergency maneuver, a weak suspension can easily cause you to lose control.

But you don’t even need to be driving fast to experience danger. If your shocks or struts are worn, driving over rough pavement while taking a corner at normal speeds can cause uncertain handling.

Both situations can be dangerous.

Maintain your suspension to maintain stability and safety on the road.

Your Suspension Affects Comfort and Performance

Most people consider comfort to be the main purpose of shocks and struts. When your suspension is worn, potholes, bumps and uneven pavement are transmitted to the passengers. This makes for an unpleasant ride.

With cars that are more performance minded, the ride will always be more stiff than on a luxury car. But the purpose is to corner faster, so of course there’s a tradeoff.

If you take your SUV off-road, your suspension will be critical in traveling over bumps and boulders.

Regardless of whether you drive a Mustang, a Lexus, or a Jeep, good shocks and struts will keep your vehicle performing as it was designed.

Other Suspension Parts

Shocks and struts are the most common parts of the suspension. However, several other components also wear out. Springs are an integral part of the shocks and struts, and also need to be replaced if worn.

Ball joints, control arms, bushings and upper strut mounts all tend to wear out. While they usually last longer than shocks and struts, they still need to inspected and maintained.

How Long Do Shocks and Struts Last?

Every car is different, as well as every driver. Road conditions also play an important role. So while manufacturers often recommend inspections at around 50,000 miles, your vehicle may last longer. Or it may wear sooner.

How Do I Know If I Need Suspension Work?

The only way to know for sure if parts of your suspension need replacing is by having your car inspected and driven by a knowledgeable expert.

The old traditional “bounce” test (where you put your weight on one corner of the car and bounce up and down) will only test certain aspects of the shocks. It is not a reliable indicator of the overall condition of your shocks or struts.

However, here are some signs that can indicate a problem:

– Vehicle bounces too much
– Handling feels unstable, especially in corners
– Clunking noises from suspension when going over bumps
– Tires wearing unevenly
– Oily residue indicating leaking shocks/struts

Neglecting a worn suspension can also lead to more expensive repairs. For example, blown shocks can lead to excessive tire wear. So not only will you need to fix your suspension, you’ll end up paying for new tires, too.

Why Trust EBA?

Our ASE Certified Techs are experts at diagnosing and repairing every part of your car’s suspension system. Just as important, we only fix what you need. We aren’t pushy salesman, and we always get your approval before doing any work.

Just because your shocks or struts are leaking a little oil, doesn’t mean they need to be replaced. If the leak isn’t too bad, there might be some life left in them.

We give you an honest assessment, either way. Our goal is to solve the problem. You can trust us to give you the truth, because that’s how we do business.

Or contact us through this form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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