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Timing belt replacement is a crucial service.

What is The Timing Belt?

Not all vehicles have a timing belt, many of them use a timing chain, instead. The timing belt or chain keeps the camshaft in proper synchronization with the pistons. This is what makes the valves open and close at the proper time.

The timing belt is different from the serpentine belt or other drive belts that power the alternator or AC in your car. It’s usually buried out of sight and more difficult to access.

Timing chains do not usually need to be replaced, at least not as a preventative measure.

If you aren’t sure whether your car has a belt or chain, check your manual.

When Should the Timing Belt Be Replaced?

Each engine is different, and the manufacturer specifies the proper change interval. Most intervals range from 60k to 100k miles, but always go by the manufacturers recommendation. Belts wear out with use.

On the other hand, if your car sees low miles, you should probably change the timing belt after 6-7 years. Age can cause a belt to deteriorate due to weather and other factors.

How Important Is It to Replace On Time?

It’s EXTREMELY important.

Replacing the belt is an item that should not be neglected. This is one of those maintenance items that can cause big problems. There are usually no warning signs, so if it breaks, your engine will stop running immediately. If you’re on the highway, that will be a hazardous situation.

Even if you aren’t in danger when the belt breaks, it can easily drive up the cost of repair. First of all, you’ll need a tow. Between the cost of the tow and the inconvenience, you’ll agree it’s not worth it.

But the cost of having a timing belt break can easily cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Why? Some engines are known as “interference” engines. This means that when the belt breaks, the pistons may hit valves that are open. At the least it will cause some bent valves. At worst, pistons and valves can be destroyed or the head can be damaged.

Replacing it on schedule will ensure proper service.

How Much Does it Cost?

As with most repairs, each vehicle is different.

Correctly doing this job requires changing all the associated parts, including pulleys and tensioners, as well as the belt itself, and usually even the water pump. A large part of the cost is the labor to disassemble everything to access the belt. Changing all these other parts at this time makes good economic sense.

If you get an estimate that doesn’t include these parts, expect your final bill to be much higher. Either that or the person replacing the belt is taking shortcuts that will cost you more in the long term.

At EBA, our ASE Certified technicians know how to do the job correctly, and you’ll know the cost up front.

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