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As a full service repair shop, EBA Automotive is equipped to repair most transmission problems. This may be as simple as changing the fluid, or as comprehensive as installing a new transmission.

What Is Involved In Transmission Repair

The modern automatic transmission is a highly complex system, and is often the most expensive single item after your engine. A lot of things can go wrong, but it requires a proper diagnosis to know what the problem is.

Sometimes the transmission will throw a code. But hooking it up to a computer to scan a code is not the same as a proper diagnosis. Sometimes a test drive can reveal a problem. A trained technician will combine both of these, and other tests, to do a proper diagnosis. Only then can you know that the problem will be fixed.

If you’re lucky, new fluid may restore the functionality. However, if the fluid smells burnt, it may be damaged beyond repair.

Do I need a transmission shop?

If you want someone local to rebuild your transmission, then you may want to look for a transmission shop. However, that may or may not be your best option.

Many transmission shops will recommend rebuilding your transmission because that’s what their business is. However, if your transmission is really in such bad shape, we usually recommend installing a remanufactured transmission.

These rebuilds are done by larger companies that are experts in rebuilding transmissions. They sell rebuilt transmissions to many local shops all over, so they have tons of experience. They include a warranty. They are rebuilt to factory specs and can often last a long time.

We may also be able to find a used transmission from another vehicle. We make sure they come from a vehicle that is low mileage and that we believe to be in good shape.

The most expensive option is to buy a new, original factory transmission.

We have experience in sourcing quality used and rebuilt transmissions, and installing them to factory specs.

Whatever your transmission needs, we will give you options and recommendations, and let you decide.

What is Involved in a Transmission Service?

Transmission service usually refers to changing the fluid and filter. But replacing the fluid can mean different things to different people, so be sure to get details from whoever is doing the work.

The basic options are a transmission fluid change or a flush.

Transmission Fluid Change

A basic fluid change usually means draining the pan, then dropping it to change the filter, replacing the pan gasket, and finally topping the fluid off.

However, draining the pan may only get half of the fluid. The other half may be left inside the actual transmission housing.

Transmission Flush

In order to change all of the fluid, not just what’s in the pan, a transmission flush is often recommended. A machine is hooked up to your transmission lines and a powerful pump will force new fluid through the system, replacing the old fluid.

The danger with this procedure comes when you haven’t had regular fluid changes. Most people do not have their fluid changed according to the factory schedule, which is often every 30k miles.

After 75k or 100k miles with the same old fluid, many times dirt has built up inside the transmission. Then, during a flush, the high pressure and new fluid can dislodge some debris, only to have it cause a blockage elsewhere.

So if you haven’t been doing a transmission flush regularly, it may not be wise to start later on.

As an alternative to the flush, we can also do a complete fluid change by using the transmission’s own pump to pump out the old fluid while simultaneously adding new fluid. This approach is much less likely to cause problems than using the high pressure flush, yet still gets all the old fluid.

How Often Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

The factory recommendation is always a good guide. More frequent changes are better if you use your vehicle for towing or other extreme conditions.

If your transmission ever starts acting strangely, bring it in ASAP to get it checked out. You may prevent more severe damage.

Symptoms may include improper gear changes, such as not shifting when it normally does, or hard shifts causing jerkiness.

Leaks on the ground are also a bad sign.

You should be in the habit of checking your fluid levels. During this check, you can smell for burnt transmission fluid.

Proper transmission service is a key to its longevity.

Manual Transmission Fluid Change

Yes, the manual transmission is getting pretty rare. But if you do have a stick shift, you definitely need to change its oil, too.

This job is more straight forward than changing fluid on an automatic transmission, but it’s just as important for longevity.

We can service your manual transmission with the proper oil and keep you on the road.

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